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Language Arts Games | Sheppard Software Games

Sheppard Software – More Playing More Learning

Sheppard Software has made learning as easy as playing games, it is the best way to learn new things. Learning can be hectic unless you are doing it through games, Sheppard Software offers its visitors games of many different kinds and they learn through those games.

They have games for every age group, from preschoolers to adults. The kids will learn stage by stage until they become masters. Universities, Schools, parents, teachers, and students whoever visits this site once will become its permanent visitor because you won’t get bored here.

Types of Games


All of the games present on this site are made based on the subjects taught in schools for example math, kids can learn math from a very basic level of learning numbers and counting. If we dig deep into these games there will be following things one could learn by clicking here you’ll find animal pages, U.S. geography, math games, and vocabulary games.


Sheppard Software Math:

Learning Sheppard Software Games | For everyone

The Sheppard Software Math starts from learning numbers like 1, 2, 3 and then goes forward. Sheppard software math teaches kids basic math counting numbers, ordering the numbers, counting and ordering numbers, Greater and Lesser numbers, skip counting, etc.

After that kids learn basic mathematics operations through Sheppard software math like a simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Kids can also learn about time through Sheppard software math; how to count time on digital and analog clocks and time conversion.

Kids also learn about money calculation with Sheppard software math. They also learn about measuring things in inches, centimeters, yards, milliliters, etc. At advance levels, kids learn about fractions, decimals, and algebra. Sheppard Software math man offers all of the math games for different age level students and even for adults, they have developed math mahjong which is a famous game.

Sheppard software math man can teach your kid mathematics most entertainingly, formal education systems get kids bored but not here.

Sheppard Software Geography:

Learning Sheppard Software Games | For everyone

Sheppard Software geography teaches kids about world geography, learn about different countries of the world. The Sheppard software geography covers Africa, Asia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Middle East, Oceania, Central & South America, and the United States.

Sheppard Software Africa provides complete knowledge on Africa, gets to know about the states of Africa their capitals, flags and other geographical facts about Africa. Sheppard Software geography teaches through puzzles and quizzes so that kids can learn and remember it permanently. Sheppard software Africa will make you learn about geographical regions, cities, and their positioning on the map. You will learn from easy to tough levels.

Sheppard Software Europe covers states of Europe, their capitals, learn countries of Europe and their placements on maps. Also learn about rivers, oceans and other landscapes of Europe. You will get to arrange the map of Europe and you have to place those countries in the right position.

The Sheppard Software States gives you complete knowledge about the UnitedStates in the same way as other countries of the world. Sheppard Software geography is the best way to learn about the geographical facts of the world through games.


Sheppard Software Brain Games:

Learning Sheppard Software Games | For everyone

Sheppard Software brain games will enhance your brain capacity and will make you more mentally fit. There are several brain games for different types of moods.

There are 5 solitaire games like a free cell. Then, there are logic games like sudoku and action-puzzle games, music games, word games, Strategy games, puzzles, and memory games. Sheppard Software Brain games are great exercise for your brain and to keep your brain rust-free. Then there are brain teasers too that will enable you to challenge your brain.

Learn to cope with stress, deal with anxiety and make your reflexes stringer through Sheppard software mind games.



Some General Questions:


What is SheppardSoftware compatible with tablets?

Sheppard Software requires adobe flash player 6 or above to run all of its games if your tablet can support abode flash player 6 or above then you can run Sheppard software games.


Sheppard Software how to do codebreaking?

Codebreaking is a game in which you have to guess the word, a hint is given to you and you have to break the code and create a word.


Why won’t Sheppard software work?

There could be two reasons if your Sheppard software is not working

  • Flash Player is not installed or maybe older version is installed
  • Flash Player access is blocked for sites

These are the only potential reasons if your Sheppard software is not working


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