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The USA learning for Kids | Sheppard Software

The USA learning for Kids | Sheppard Software

Having complete knowledge about your homeland is mandatory, Sheppard Software makes this easy for you. You can learn yourself or teach your kids about the USA with games on the Sheppard Software States section.

There is a lot to learn about the USA; states cities, parks, facts, government, regions, landmarks to much more. Below we will discuss what you can learn.

National Holidays

Sheppard Software has a separate section on holidays observed in states. Kids can learn about the importance and history of national holidays through paint games. The game is an easy drag and drops painting.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Earth Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Mardi Gras and a lot more.

The game is easy to play and boosts the creative sense to kids, kids have to select the color and click on the spot where they want to apply the color. The paintings have a decent detailing option, plus they can also add and paint new things in their painting like adding a necklace in the art of women.


USA Landmarks Puzzles

The USA is full of world-famous landmarks and you must know about them all. Sheppard software states have puzzle games where kids have to drag and drop pieces to attach them in the right position to form a picture.

The USA learning for Kids | Sheppard Software

It has an easy and hard level according to the age level of children or adults. There are many landmark puzzles some of them are the world-famous Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, Liberty Bell, Portland Observatory, Disney World, Wright Bro’s Center, and the list goes on.


U.S Government Game

Learn how the government operates, works and runs the country. The game will teach kids about the following things.

  • Branches of government that includes the executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch. The game will explain their roles in a fun way
  • Then the game will also explain about roles of people in government.

Overall, the game will the child about a basic understanding of how the country is running, how organizations are working, how courts are taking decisions and much more.


USA Seasons Paint Activity

Sheppard Software game will teach kids about the four seasons of the year, the spring, summer, autumn, and winter.The USA learning for Kids | Sheppard Software

Kids will paint the picture of each season and learn and specific characteristic of each season like wearing warm clothes in winter or flowers blossom in winter, etc. They can also show their creative side by making and painting arts like creating a snowman.


USA National Parks

The U.S is full of scenic natural beauty; its national parks are counted most beautiful in the whole world and kids can learn about them.

Through painting games, kids will about National parks of the U.S on Sheppard Software. Some of the options available in national parks are Glacier Bay, Joshua Tree, Smoky Mountains, Everglades, and Giant Redwoods


Cities, States, and Regions

Sheppard Software can make kids learn the names of cities and states with the help of games. There are around 50 states and kids can learn their names with hangman games. They have to guess the names of states.

Then there is a separate game for cities. Kids can also play hangman for guessing the names of cities.

There is a game to teach kids about regions of the USA and the facts about those states, their historical importance and much more.

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