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Sheppard Software Fraction Games | Online

Sheppard Software Fraction Games | Online

Being a part of your children’s academics is now considered good parenting, helping them in learning all aspects of a subject and especially an important subject like mathematics which stays by our side for the entire life in various aspects. Sheppard software helps the parents in teaching their kids at home and provides extra knowledge.

Let’s make the learning process FUN for our children! We can learn about different concepts of mathematics by staying at home and using Sheppard software. There are various games and tutorials available for solving questions like fractions, multiplications, etc.

Sheppard Software Fractions:

A fraction is a part of a whole, it must be an equal part of that whole. For example, if we have a circle which is divided into 3 parts and one is colored and its fraction would be written as ie 1 would be the selected part (colored) out of a whole(3 parts). You can also write fractions. Sheppard software fractions tutorial makes it easier for kids and their parents to understand the concept without any difficulty. The tutorial starts by explaining fractions by giving an example of a circle, describing its numerator, denominator and fraction bar.

A fraction bar is a line between a numerator and a denominator.


The upper number of a fraction is known as the numerator. It is the number of parts under consideration e.g. In these fractions, Sheppard Software Fraction Games | Online2, 1 and 3 are numerators respectively. Can you tell me what is the numerator in this Sheppard software given fraction.


The bottom number of a fraction is known as denominator. The denominator tells us the total number of parts of our whole e.g  , . In these fractions, 4, 3 and 7 are the denominators respectively. Point out the denominator in the above-given Sheppard software fraction.

Games – Making the learning process fun for kids 

  • Make a pizza:

In the basic tutorial, there is a game for fractions so that we can make the learning process more enjoyable for children. There are orders placed by customers according to their needs of pizza portions and toppings, and the kids have to create a pizza b following those instructions.

Let’s play it! The first Sheppard software customer that walks in wants and places an order of pepperoni. So, how can you create a pizza for this order?

The pizza portions would be 4 in it, which means that we would cut it in 4 parts and since he want toppings on 3 parts of the pizza so we would add pepperoni on 3 out of 4 slices only. You can play around with different orders of toppings and portions according to the customer orders.

  • Matching fractions:

There are four levels of matching fractions game in the Sheppard software to make it fun and pump up the competition for children, parents can help the kids in achieving different levels step by step in the game. Each level has two modes of playing i-e Timed mode and Relaxed mode. As the name depicts, the timed mode will have a timer to answer the questions in a given duration. The relaxed mode will be user-friendly for beginners and children as there is no compulsion of any time.

In the game, there are three fractions given as well as three images. The kids need to match the fractions with their related images. For example, if there is a fraction of, then find the image which has a total of 4 parts out of which 2 are colored. And as you go up the level, the fractions would become complex as well.


Types of fractions:

Sheppard software has made parenting so much easier by giving all the information on fractions at a single platform. The types of fractions are as follows:

  • Proper Fractions
  • Improper Fractions
  • Mixed Fractions

Other Sheppard Software Games

You can also play the games of adding and subtracting the fractions. The fractions having the same number as denominators can be added or subtracted. For example: if we add into, our answer would be. Similarly, if we subtract out of then we would get a.

Fractions can be written as decimals. The fraction would be written as 0.7 in decimals. Sheppard software has numerous games to ensure the proper grasping of the fraction concept like fruit splat, balloon pop and arcade-style games for kids.

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