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Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn

Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn
Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn

Properly raising your children is a very important and foremost priority of responsible parents, in early ages, children learn very fast and that is the best time to set their brain on right track; so that they can start the ever long learning journey in the right way.

Want to make your child learn new things and grow? If so then what’s better than learning new things with fun through games. Sheppard Software provides you with countless games in every category which makes your child learn new things and this makes their brain grow.

Sheppard Software is endorsed by many parents and schools around the world, it is recommended by thousands of teachers and parents.

Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn

Sheppard software is for Everyone: –

Sheppard Software is not limited to any specific age level children, it provides every age-level person equal opportunity to learn new things and also with puzzles and brain games to enhance their brain capacity.

You will find games in every category from science to arts and from geography to languages and animals. The Sheppard Software site is categorized in different ways to help you find the right thing of your interest.


  1. Sheppard Software for Pre-School & Kindergarten: Starting with preschooler kids, you will find many interesting things for their age-level.
  • Color Games: They will learn to identify different colors interestingly so that like red color thing of any-kind like the car, ball, book, etc. so that they will be able to identify color red wherever they want.
  • Number Games: Kids will learn numbers and counting on Sheppard Software by counting cars, puppies, etc.
  • Shapes: Sheppard Software teaches different shapes to the children in a fun way like a ball is round and a pizza slice is triangle shaped.
  • Alphabets: Kids will learn alphabets in lower and upper case.
  • Animals Corner: They will learn about different animals of jungle, sea, farm. They will get the chance to create a farm with farm animals and the same with sea animals. Play games regarding animals. Learn identifications of common farm and jungle animals and counting games.
  • Geography Games: Sheppard Software will make kids learn about the geography of the world by learning about their capital cities, countries, and landscapes.
  • Early Math Games: Kids will start to learn about basic math from Sheppard Software. Find and count animals, birds. Then counting things from 1 to 5 and more. They will learn to order the numbers. moreover, kids will learn about greater and lesser numbers, odd-even numbers and much more.
  • Learn Spanish: Enough world speaks Spanish and besides that its healthy for the brain to learn new languages; kids can learn color, objects and animals name in Spanish at a base level.
  • Create Zone: This will provide the kids to use their creative sense and make interesting scenarios and paint them. It boosts their senses and mind.

Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn

  1. Sheppard Software for Elementary Schoolers: There is a huge section of games for elementary school kids according to their mental level. You will find games in every category like, 
  • Animals Corner: Kids will learn a little advanced information regarding animals like identifying different animals, their classifications, food chains of animals, herbivores and carnivores in animals, puzzles and much more.
  • Math Games: Elementary school kids will learn about addition, subtraction, division and multiplication through Sheppard Software in many different fun ways.
  • Weather Seasons: Kids will learn about different seasons of the year and activities in those seasons, like swimming in summers; warm dressing in winters, etc.
  • Nutrition Guide: It is great that Sheppard Software will even teach your kids about nutrition necessary for us and the value of healthy eating.
  • Grammar Games:Teach your kids about grammar through games, they will learn about the verb, adjective, nouns, etc.
  • The USA for Kids: Kids will learn about the history of the USA and other facts about government and states in a fun way.
  • Health: Sheppard Software will teach your kids about basic concepts of health, how your bodywork and it’s systems.
  • Dinosaurs: Kids can learn about dinosaur’s history that starts with dinosaurs and how they become small and extinct.
  • Science: Teach kids about basic concepts of science Cell games, Life cycles of birds, frogs, etc. and other concepts.


  1. Sheppard Software for Middle/High School: Even high schoolers can learn many different subjects from Sheppard Softwares. 
  • Learn Chemistry: Learn About periodic tables and their elements, it covers from basic to advanced level; learn their symbols and how they are inter-related to each other.
  • Geography: Get deeper knowledge about geography, arrange maps of countries and know about their capital and regions
  • Mathematics: Enhance your math skills through Sheppard Software; learn about fractions, decimals, algebra, and geometry.
  • Vocabulary: Grasp the foundations of language and increase your vocabulary, parts of speech, advance grammar. This will very helpful for students of SAT and GRE

Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn


  1. Sheppard Software for College: College students can learn through Sheppard software and excel in subjects of their interest. Learn through quizzes,some of the subjects are mentioned below. 
  • Health: Learn about health and biology with fun, learn medical terms, learn about health issues their diagnoses and treatment. Also learn about diseases like cancer, heart problems and more.
  • Brain Games: Train your brain and increase its capacity with the help of games. Brain teasers, puzzles, logical games, memory games, word games, strategy games and a lot more
  • Advanced Math: Learn advanced concepts of mathematics learn about integration, probability, Ratios, advance geometry, Value placement, advance decimals and much more.
  1. Sheppard Software for Adults:Adults will find games to increase their learning in every category on the Sheppard software site. Every category has advance levels made of adults. Some of the subjects are mentioned below 
  • Geography: Master geography and get complete knowledge about the geography of the world, different regions, and their countries. Learn about the landmarks of the world. Europe, Mexico, the United States, Canada and many more.
  • Math Mahjong: Mahjong is a famous game for adults, Sheppard software has developed a math version of this famous game for adults.
  • Animals: Learn about animals and their categories, how they live and survive. Amphibians, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, fishes and a lot more. Solve quizzes and play games.
  • Others: In-short Sheppard software gives you the chance to learn in almost every subject on every level.

Sheppard Software is one of a kind, a platform that gives you the chance to satisfy your hunger for learning new things in a fun way. Sheppard software can accommodate every person irrespective of their age and mental level.

This platform is trusted by parents, teachers, kids and teaching institutes all over the world and they appreciate their work. Don’t keep yourself from such a great learning opportunity. Click here for more fun

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Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn

Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn

Properly raising your children is a very important and foremost priority of responsible parents, in early ages, children learn very fast and that is...