Sheppard Software Cell Games for Kids

Sheppard Software Cell Games for Kids

We are here with all the knowledge we can provide on all aspects of learning. You want to help your kid in his science project about cells? Sure! Sheppard software has sorted it all out for you. We are offering different ways to acknowledge yourself and your kids about cells and their types. As cell comprises of our entire body so it’s essential to know about it as well. Let’s start with the tutorial and move up to the games to make the leaning a fun activity. Cause why can’t we have a little fun while studying.

Sheppard Software Cells:

A cell is the basic and smallest unit of life. It is the structural, functional and biological unit of all living organisms. There are millions of cells in our body or in an organism but they are too small to be seen with a naked eye. You can use a light microscope to see it. They act as building blocks of a unit like bricks are considered to be the building blocks of a building.

Each cell has an outer membrane which encloses the cytoplasm and have many biomolecules inside like mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, nucleus etc. All these biomolecules are known as organelles.

Sheppard software helps us to learn about the types of cell like:

  • Plant Cells
  • Animal Cells
  • Bacterial Cells

All these kinds of cells have many things in common but obviously they differentiate at some level. The common organelles in all these cells are discussed below.


Different parts of a cell each of which is performing its own function are called organelles.

  • Cell Membrane:

All cells are surrounded by a structure called cell membrane. It can be understood by an example like the boundary walls of a building, which acts as a barrier between the internal and external environment of the cell. It is also known as plasma membrane.

  • Cytoplasm:

Sheppard software says that the cytoplasm is the place in a cell where all the action happens. The cytoplasm is a thick, clear, jelly-like substance present inside the cell membrane. Most of the chemical reactions within a cell take place in this cytoplasm. The cell organelles such as endoplasmic reticulum, vacuoles, mitochondria, ribosomes, are suspended in this cytoplasm.

  • Mitochondria:

This organelle is called “The Powerhouse of the cell” because it produces ATP  which are the energy currencies of the cell. This is considered to be its main function, however it has a few other roles as well like regulation of metabolism and processing and storage of calcium ions.

  • Nucleus:

It is the control center of the cell. It contains the genetic information about the cell in for of genes called as DNA. Its functions include the production of RNA and ribosomes. It gives commands to different parts of cell about how to operate or how much quantity of any substance is needed to be produced. Nucleus has a biomolecular structure present inside it whoch is responsible for the production of ribosomes and proteins. As it contains the genetic information and chromosomes, it carries out the cell division process.

  • Golgi Apparatus:

Golgi Apparatus acts as the packaging plant of the cell. It packs different nutrients (lipids, proteins) into different packs known as vesicles. Each nutrient packet is non-identical so that the body can recognize which material is it. Golgi apparatus then ships these packs to various destinations. It is also responsible for the production of plasma membrane.

  • Lysosomes & Peroxisomes:

These membrane-bounded organelles are responsible for cleaning down the waste material present in the cell. It detoxify an harmful substance and salvage the material which could be useful for the cell.

  • Endoplasmic Reticulum:

It is a network of membranes which helps in the movement of proteins from the nucleus to the golgi apparatus. It also transports the material from one cell to another. Due to the presence of ribosomes on the endoplasmic reticulum, its appearance is rough (RER) and those without an ribosomes on the are smooth (SER).

  • Ribosomes:

They are found floating throughout the cytoplasm or stuck on the endoplasmic reticulum. The take their orders directly from the nucleus and works on the production of protein which is need by the cell. Proteins made by the ribosomes stuck on the endoplasmic reticulum either moves out of the cell to different parts of body or stays in the cell but the protein produced by free floating ribosomes stays in the boundary of the cell and is consumed by it.

Difference between Animal and Plant cells:

A plant and animal cell has many similar organelles with identical functions. They differ in the presence of the cell wall. A plant cell has cell wall, chloroplast and large central vacuole. Cell wall is a rigid wall along the cell which holds the shape of it and protects it from any injury. Sheppard software cell tutorial tells us the vacuole contains the waste material of the cell saving it from getting contaminated and stored water for later use.

Bacterial Cell:

These differ from both the plant and animals cells as they are prokaryotes. It means they are single celled organisms.  The tutorial on sheppard software on bacterial cells shows that they lack a proper shaped nuclei and membrane-bounded organelles and is in a shape of a capsule. However, the bacterial cell includes cell wall, ribosomes, and cytoplasm. The genetic material entangles together in the center in the form of clusters called as nucleoid. Flagella is a tail-like structure present at the base of the capsule of bacterial cell helping it to move around.

Sheppard Software Games:

Sheppard software promises you the fun learning process and here we are fulfilling our promise. When you are done learning all about the organelles of the cell, which are the building blocks of a cell then we play a game of labelling the diagram according to the presence of each organelle. The images of animal cell, plant cell and bacterial cell is given and the kids can label their parts by choosing the organelle names from the given column.


We love a challenge when we know it all. After you are done memorizing the names of cells, their organelles and their functions, you can challenge yourself and solve the sheppard software cells quiz. In which you have to identify the parts of cells according to their intended functions.

Sheppard Software Fraction Games | Online

Sheppard Software Fraction Games | Online

Being a part of your children’s academics is now considered good parenting, helping them in learning all aspects of a subject and especially an important subject like mathematics which stays by our side for the entire life in various aspects. Sheppard software helps the parents in teaching their kids at home and provides extra knowledge.

Let’s make the learning process FUN for our children! We can learn about different concepts of mathematics by staying at home and using Sheppard software. There are various games and tutorials available for solving questions like fractions, multiplications, etc.

Sheppard Software Fractions:

A fraction is a part of a whole, it must be an equal part of that whole. For example, if we have a circle which is divided into 3 parts and one is colored and its fraction would be written as ie 1 would be the selected part (colored) out of a whole(3 parts). You can also write fractions. Sheppard software fractions tutorial makes it easier for kids and their parents to understand the concept without any difficulty. The tutorial starts by explaining fractions by giving an example of a circle, describing its numerator, denominator and fraction bar.

A fraction bar is a line between a numerator and a denominator.


The upper number of a fraction is known as the numerator. It is the number of parts under consideration e.g. In these fractions, Sheppard Software Fraction Games | Online2, 1 and 3 are numerators respectively. Can you tell me what is the numerator in this Sheppard software given fraction.


The bottom number of a fraction is known as denominator. The denominator tells us the total number of parts of our whole e.g  , . In these fractions, 4, 3 and 7 are the denominators respectively. Point out the denominator in the above-given Sheppard software fraction.

Games – Making the learning process fun for kids 

  • Make a pizza:

In the basic tutorial, there is a game for fractions so that we can make the learning process more enjoyable for children. There are orders placed by customers according to their needs of pizza portions and toppings, and the kids have to create a pizza b following those instructions.

Let’s play it! The first Sheppard software customer that walks in wants and places an order of pepperoni. So, how can you create a pizza for this order?

The pizza portions would be 4 in it, which means that we would cut it in 4 parts and since he want toppings on 3 parts of the pizza so we would add pepperoni on 3 out of 4 slices only. You can play around with different orders of toppings and portions according to the customer orders.

  • Matching fractions:

There are four levels of matching fractions game in the Sheppard software to make it fun and pump up the competition for children, parents can help the kids in achieving different levels step by step in the game. Each level has two modes of playing i-e Timed mode and Relaxed mode. As the name depicts, the timed mode will have a timer to answer the questions in a given duration. The relaxed mode will be user-friendly for beginners and children as there is no compulsion of any time.

In the game, there are three fractions given as well as three images. The kids need to match the fractions with their related images. For example, if there is a fraction of, then find the image which has a total of 4 parts out of which 2 are colored. And as you go up the level, the fractions would become complex as well.


Types of fractions:

Sheppard software has made parenting so much easier by giving all the information on fractions at a single platform. The types of fractions are as follows:

  • Proper Fractions
  • Improper Fractions
  • Mixed Fractions

Other Sheppard Software Games

You can also play the games of adding and subtracting the fractions. The fractions having the same number as denominators can be added or subtracted. For example: if we add into, our answer would be. Similarly, if we subtract out of then we would get a.

Fractions can be written as decimals. The fraction would be written as 0.7 in decimals. Sheppard software has numerous games to ensure the proper grasping of the fraction concept like fruit splat, balloon pop and arcade-style games for kids.

If you want to play click here

The USA learning for Kids | Sheppard Software

The USA learning for Kids | Sheppard Software

Having complete knowledge about your homeland is mandatory, Sheppard Software makes this easy for you. You can learn yourself or teach your kids about the USA with games on the Sheppard Software States section.

There is a lot to learn about the USA; states cities, parks, facts, government, regions, landmarks to much more. Below we will discuss what you can learn.

National Holidays

Sheppard Software has a separate section on holidays observed in states. Kids can learn about the importance and history of national holidays through paint games. The game is an easy drag and drops painting.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Earth Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Mardi Gras and a lot more.

The game is easy to play and boosts the creative sense to kids, kids have to select the color and click on the spot where they want to apply the color. The paintings have a decent detailing option, plus they can also add and paint new things in their painting like adding a necklace in the art of women.


USA Landmarks Puzzles

The USA is full of world-famous landmarks and you must know about them all. Sheppard software states have puzzle games where kids have to drag and drop pieces to attach them in the right position to form a picture.

The USA learning for Kids | Sheppard Software

It has an easy and hard level according to the age level of children or adults. There are many landmark puzzles some of them are the world-famous Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, Liberty Bell, Portland Observatory, Disney World, Wright Bro’s Center, and the list goes on.


U.S Government Game

Learn how the government operates, works and runs the country. The game will teach kids about the following things.

  • Branches of government that includes the executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch. The game will explain their roles in a fun way
  • Then the game will also explain about roles of people in government.

Overall, the game will the child about a basic understanding of how the country is running, how organizations are working, how courts are taking decisions and much more.


USA Seasons Paint Activity

Sheppard Software game will teach kids about the four seasons of the year, the spring, summer, autumn, and winter.The USA learning for Kids | Sheppard Software

Kids will paint the picture of each season and learn and specific characteristic of each season like wearing warm clothes in winter or flowers blossom in winter, etc. They can also show their creative side by making and painting arts like creating a snowman.


USA National Parks

The U.S is full of scenic natural beauty; its national parks are counted most beautiful in the whole world and kids can learn about them.

Through painting games, kids will about National parks of the U.S on Sheppard Software. Some of the options available in national parks are Glacier Bay, Joshua Tree, Smoky Mountains, Everglades, and Giant Redwoods


Cities, States, and Regions

Sheppard Software can make kids learn the names of cities and states with the help of games. There are around 50 states and kids can learn their names with hangman games. They have to guess the names of states.

Then there is a separate game for cities. Kids can also play hangman for guessing the names of cities.

There is a game to teach kids about regions of the USA and the facts about those states, their historical importance and much more.

Language Arts Games | Sheppard Software Games

Language Arts Games | Sheppard Software Games
Language Arts Games | Sheppard Software Games

Grabbing the cores of language is not boring now, the Sheppard Software’s features specially designed games to practice Language Arts in a fun way. The good thing is that every grade student can benefit from this.

Elementary Grade Games:

At the basic level, for elementary students, Sheppard Software has learning games to create punctuation and grammatical concepts in the student – Kids learn through animated games. These games are not limited to only grammar and punctuation but expanding continuously and new games are added after some time. You can be a student of Sheppard Software too and learn by playing games.

Middle-Grade Games:

The second learning or you can say difficulty stage is for middle school students, there are a variety of games to enhance vocabulary. The specially designed context games will help you in this; you can upgrade your vocabulary up to the SAT test level. SAT and GREs are divided into different sections to test different abilities students and the verbal section requires good vocab you can learn and memorize vocab words with Sheppard Software games.

High School Games:

There is a lot to learn for high school kids too, in language arts games of Sheppard

Language Arts Games | Sheppard Software Games

Software’s they can boost-up their Medical and I.T subjects’ knowledge by learning the terms used in these subjects hence it creates a curiosity in them to learn new things and grow. The Jargon game of Medical and Tech-Talking games will help them in that.

Games for Adults:

At Sheppard Games there is a separate section for games of word creation; these games can be played by adults and it will help you to exercise your mind. These games involve puzzles and scrabble type games and they fun with learning.

Besides everything, language art games help you learn and memorize new and difficult words in your mind; this helps you in reading and understanding difficult books too. You will become a better communicator and can transfer your thoughts in a more precise manner to others and also makes you attempt and win standard tests of checking ability in a better way.

Language Arts Games | Sheppard Software Games

Some Games Are:

  • Verbs in Space: This game makes kids understand what are verbs and how they are used in sentences. The child has to select the verbs from given words.
  • Adjective Adventure: This game teaches children about adjectives; the games are very interesting to play and it is absolute fun in learning. A fly and spider are used and the child has to feed the right adjective spider.
  • Noun Explorer: In this game, the child has to feed the worm to the right noun fish. This game teaches about nouns.
  • Adverb Adventure: This game teaches children about adverbs and how they are used. The child has to feed grass to the right adverb rabbit.
  • Panda Parts of Speech: This game will tell the children what parts of speech and how they are used in sentences, kids have to feed the right panda.

 if you want to play game Language Arts Game click here

Take Away Note!

These games are really fun to play and specially designed to teach children about language arts. It helps them to strengthen their grasp on English grammar, enhance vocabulary and how-to punctuation in daily life communication. This makes you a better speaker and helps you create an impact on your communication.

Sheppard Software Games Math, Geography, Brain Games

Language Arts Games | Sheppard Software Games
Language Arts Games | Sheppard Software Games

Sheppard Software – More Playing More Learning

Sheppard Software has made learning as easy as playing games, it is the best way to learn new things. Learning can be hectic unless you are doing it through games, Sheppard Software offers its visitors games of many different kinds and they learn through those games.

They have games for every age group, from preschoolers to adults. The kids will learn stage by stage until they become masters. Universities, Schools, parents, teachers, and students whoever visits this site once will become its permanent visitor because you won’t get bored here.

Types of Games


All of the games present on this site are made based on the subjects taught in schools for example math, kids can learn math from a very basic level of learning numbers and counting. If we dig deep into these games there will be following things one could learn by clicking here you’ll find animal pages, U.S. geography, math games, and vocabulary games.


Sheppard Software Math:

Learning Sheppard Software Games | For everyone

The Sheppard Software Math starts from learning numbers like 1, 2, 3 and then goes forward. Sheppard software math teaches kids basic math counting numbers, ordering the numbers, counting and ordering numbers, Greater and Lesser numbers, skip counting, etc.

After that kids learn basic mathematics operations through Sheppard software math like a simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Kids can also learn about time through Sheppard software math; how to count time on digital and analog clocks and time conversion.

Kids also learn about money calculation with Sheppard software math. They also learn about measuring things in inches, centimeters, yards, milliliters, etc. At advance levels, kids learn about fractions, decimals, and algebra. Sheppard Software math man offers all of the math games for different age level students and even for adults, they have developed math mahjong which is a famous game.

Sheppard software math man can teach your kid mathematics most entertainingly, formal education systems get kids bored but not here.

Sheppard Software Geography:

Learning Sheppard Software Games | For everyone

Sheppard Software geography teaches kids about world geography, learn about different countries of the world. The Sheppard software geography covers Africa, Asia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Middle East, Oceania, Central & South America, and the United States.

Sheppard Software Africa provides complete knowledge on Africa, gets to know about the states of Africa their capitals, flags and other geographical facts about Africa. Sheppard Software geography teaches through puzzles and quizzes so that kids can learn and remember it permanently. Sheppard software Africa will make you learn about geographical regions, cities, and their positioning on the map. You will learn from easy to tough levels.

Sheppard Software Europe covers states of Europe, their capitals, learn countries of Europe and their placements on maps. Also learn about rivers, oceans and other landscapes of Europe. You will get to arrange the map of Europe and you have to place those countries in the right position.

The Sheppard Software States gives you complete knowledge about the UnitedStates in the same way as other countries of the world. Sheppard Software geography is the best way to learn about the geographical facts of the world through games.


Sheppard Software Brain Games:

Learning Sheppard Software Games | For everyone

Sheppard Software brain games will enhance your brain capacity and will make you more mentally fit. There are several brain games for different types of moods.

There are 5 solitaire games like a free cell. Then, there are logic games like sudoku and action-puzzle games, music games, word games, Strategy games, puzzles, and memory games. Sheppard Software Brain games are great exercise for your brain and to keep your brain rust-free. Then there are brain teasers too that will enable you to challenge your brain.

Learn to cope with stress, deal with anxiety and make your reflexes stringer through Sheppard software mind games.



Some General Questions:


What is SheppardSoftware compatible with tablets?

Sheppard Software requires adobe flash player 6 or above to run all of its games if your tablet can support abode flash player 6 or above then you can run Sheppard software games.


Sheppard Software how to do codebreaking?

Codebreaking is a game in which you have to guess the word, a hint is given to you and you have to break the code and create a word.


Why won’t Sheppard software work?

There could be two reasons if your Sheppard software is not working

  • Flash Player is not installed or maybe older version is installed
  • Flash Player access is blocked for sites

These are the only potential reasons if your Sheppard software is not working

Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn

Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn
Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn

Properly raising your children is a very important and foremost priority of responsible parents, in early ages, children learn very fast and that is the best time to set their brain on right track; so that they can start the ever long learning journey in the right way.

Want to make your child learn new things and grow? If so then what’s better than learning new things with fun through games. Sheppard Software provides you with countless games in every category which makes your child learn new things and this makes their brain grow.

Sheppard Software is endorsed by many parents and schools around the world, it is recommended by thousands of teachers and parents.

Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn

Sheppard software is for Everyone: –

Sheppard Software is not limited to any specific age level children, it provides every age-level person equal opportunity to learn new things and also with puzzles and brain games to enhance their brain capacity.

You will find games in every category from science to arts and from geography to languages and animals. The Sheppard Software site is categorized in different ways to help you find the right thing of your interest.


  1. Sheppard Software for Pre-School & Kindergarten: Starting with preschooler kids, you will find many interesting things for their age-level.
  • Color Games: They will learn to identify different colors interestingly so that like red color thing of any-kind like the car, ball, book, etc. so that they will be able to identify color red wherever they want.
  • Number Games: Kids will learn numbers and counting on Sheppard Software by counting cars, puppies, etc.
  • Shapes: Sheppard Software teaches different shapes to the children in a fun way like a ball is round and a pizza slice is triangle shaped.
  • Alphabets: Kids will learn alphabets in lower and upper case.
  • Animals Corner: They will learn about different animals of jungle, sea, farm. They will get the chance to create a farm with farm animals and the same with sea animals. Play games regarding animals. Learn identifications of common farm and jungle animals and counting games.
  • Geography Games: Sheppard Software will make kids learn about the geography of the world by learning about their capital cities, countries, and landscapes.
  • Early Math Games: Kids will start to learn about basic math from Sheppard Software. Find and count animals, birds. Then counting things from 1 to 5 and more. They will learn to order the numbers. moreover, kids will learn about greater and lesser numbers, odd-even numbers and much more.
  • Learn Spanish: Enough world speaks Spanish and besides that its healthy for the brain to learn new languages; kids can learn color, objects and animals name in Spanish at a base level.
  • Create Zone: This will provide the kids to use their creative sense and make interesting scenarios and paint them. It boosts their senses and mind.

Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn

  1. Sheppard Software for Elementary Schoolers: There is a huge section of games for elementary school kids according to their mental level. You will find games in every category like, 
  • Animals Corner: Kids will learn a little advanced information regarding animals like identifying different animals, their classifications, food chains of animals, herbivores and carnivores in animals, puzzles and much more.
  • Math Games: Elementary school kids will learn about addition, subtraction, division and multiplication through Sheppard Software in many different fun ways.
  • Weather Seasons: Kids will learn about different seasons of the year and activities in those seasons, like swimming in summers; warm dressing in winters, etc.
  • Nutrition Guide: It is great that Sheppard Software will even teach your kids about nutrition necessary for us and the value of healthy eating.
  • Grammar Games:Teach your kids about grammar through games, they will learn about the verb, adjective, nouns, etc.
  • The USA for Kids: Kids will learn about the history of the USA and other facts about government and states in a fun way.
  • Health: Sheppard Software will teach your kids about basic concepts of health, how your bodywork and it’s systems.
  • Dinosaurs: Kids can learn about dinosaur’s history that starts with dinosaurs and how they become small and extinct.
  • Science: Teach kids about basic concepts of science Cell games, Life cycles of birds, frogs, etc. and other concepts.


  1. Sheppard Software for Middle/High School: Even high schoolers can learn many different subjects from Sheppard Softwares. 
  • Learn Chemistry: Learn About periodic tables and their elements, it covers from basic to advanced level; learn their symbols and how they are inter-related to each other.
  • Geography: Get deeper knowledge about geography, arrange maps of countries and know about their capital and regions
  • Mathematics: Enhance your math skills through Sheppard Software; learn about fractions, decimals, algebra, and geometry.
  • Vocabulary: Grasp the foundations of language and increase your vocabulary, parts of speech, advance grammar. This will very helpful for students of SAT and GRE

Learn through Games with Sheppard Software | Fun & Learn


  1. Sheppard Software for College: College students can learn through Sheppard software and excel in subjects of their interest. Learn through quizzes,some of the subjects are mentioned below. 
  • Health: Learn about health and biology with fun, learn medical terms, learn about health issues their diagnoses and treatment. Also learn about diseases like cancer, heart problems and more.
  • Brain Games: Train your brain and increase its capacity with the help of games. Brain teasers, puzzles, logical games, memory games, word games, strategy games and a lot more
  • Advanced Math: Learn advanced concepts of mathematics learn about integration, probability, Ratios, advance geometry, Value placement, advance decimals and much more.
  1. Sheppard Software for Adults:Adults will find games to increase their learning in every category on the Sheppard software site. Every category has advance levels made of adults. Some of the subjects are mentioned below 
  • Geography: Master geography and get complete knowledge about the geography of the world, different regions, and their countries. Learn about the landmarks of the world. Europe, Mexico, the United States, Canada and many more.
  • Math Mahjong: Mahjong is a famous game for adults, Sheppard software has developed a math version of this famous game for adults.
  • Animals: Learn about animals and their categories, how they live and survive. Amphibians, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, fishes and a lot more. Solve quizzes and play games.
  • Others: In-short Sheppard software gives you the chance to learn in almost every subject on every level.

Sheppard Software is one of a kind, a platform that gives you the chance to satisfy your hunger for learning new things in a fun way. Sheppard software can accommodate every person irrespective of their age and mental level.

This platform is trusted by parents, teachers, kids and teaching institutes all over the world and they appreciate their work. Don’t keep yourself from such a great learning opportunity. Click here for more fun